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Varioflex – the large and elegant all-rounder

Despite its 300 x 300 cm size, the simple and convenient operation of the Varioflex greatly impresses - naturally together with its elegant form. Through its various functions it provides all the shade you need wherever you want it. This free-arm model simply has everything a sunshade could possibly offer.


Crank                                                  Slide / crank          

Swivel foot 360°

A flexible free-arm shade with an excellent price/performance ratio. The flexibel marquee and the swivel base enable a 360° provision of shade.

Material: Pole and frame made of aluminium, powder coated platinum, pole diameter rectangular 65 x 90 mm
Cover: 100 % polyester 180 g / m²
Frame: 8 parts
Sunshade sizes: 300 × 300 cm
Purchased parts: Stand connector (without plates) for 8 plates (40 × 40 cm), swivel foot, protective cover
Height underneath: 213 cm
Total height: 270 cm

Sun protection factor 50+

Stand connector for 8 plates

Parasol roof can be easily tilted and swivelled

Fabrics lightfastness 5-6