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Sunflex – always by your side

As a free-arm sunshade, the Sunflex is always on the sidelines but still plays a central role. This model turns your seating area into a lounge in no time at all. The Sunflex can be easily opened and closed thanks to the crank function and rotated through 360 degrees on its turnable base. Using the slider, the sunshade roof can be tilted back and fixed in the preset positions.

Crank                                              Slide-crank                                     
  Swivel foot 360°
A high-quality free-arm sunshade that can be adjusted to the position of the sun on its turnable base, so there is no need to move the outdoor furniture.

Material: Pole and frame made of alumin- ium, powder coated platinum,
pole diameter rectangular 82 × 58 mm
Cover: 100 % polyester 180 g/m²
Frame: 8 parts
Sunshade size: 300 × 300 cm
Accessories: Stand connector (without plates) for 8 plates (40 × 40 cm), swivel foot, protective cover
Height underneath: 215 cm
Total height: 270 cm

Sun protection factor 50+

Turnable base can be rotated through 360 degrees

Fabrics offer lightfastness of 5-6