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Siesta – perfect for a fiesta

You can certainly enjoy a fiesta or a siesta under this centre-pole sunshade. While some people like to relax beneath the Siesta, others prefer to pop the corks and have a fiesta. Either way, the Siesta adapts brilliantly to the available space and amount of sunshine, changing position easily thanks to its light weight. The frame is height-adjustable, while the roof can be easily tilted using the RO-TILT function.


Rotating locking head/Height adjustment           RO-Tilt-Function

A universal centre-pole sunshade with a height-adjustable frame, easy to tilt using the RO-TILT function. Lightweight and simple to use thanks to Push-Up technology.

Material: Pole and frame made of steel, powder coated platinum,
pole diameter 25 mm
Cover: 100% polyester 180g/m²
Frame: 8 part round, 10 part rectangular
Sunshade sizes: Ø 180 cm, Ø 200 cm and 180 × 130 cm
Height underneath: 182 cm
Total height: 210 cm

Delivery without base.

Sun protection factor SPF 50+

Base weight at least 30 kilograms/KG

Fabrics offer lightfastness of 5-6