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S H E L L - T U R N

Shell-Turn – the height of simplicity

This centre-pole sunshade soon lets you leave your everyday worries behind and indulge in daydreams or read a newspaper. It’s a wonderful feeling, not least because the Shell- Turn is easy to open and close thanks to the crank drive. A twist mechanism on the crank- case lets you tilt the sunshade roof at the desired angle.


Crank                                                   Twist mechanism         

Tilt joint


An uncomplicated centre-pole sunshade with crank drive for easy opening and closing, including a twist mechanism for stepless tilting.

Material: 2 part, profiled pole and frame made of aluminium, powder coated plati- num,
pole diameter 39 mm
Cover: 100% polyester 180g/m²
Frame: 6 parts
Sunshade sizes: Ø 300 cm, Ø 330 cm, 210×150cm and 250×200cm
Height underneath: 210 cm
Total height: 255 cm

Delivery without base.

Sun protection SPF 50+

Base weight at least 50 kilograms/KG

Fabrics offer lightfastness of 5-6