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P U S H - U P

Push-Up – small and flexible

This centre-pole sunshade blends into its surroundings like a chameleon. It can be easily tilted using the tilt joint and adjusted in height to provide shade where it is needed. Avai- lable in round or square format, the Push-Up fits into even the smallest space on the balcony thanks to its practical size and shows off its flexibility when the sunshade roof is opened.

"Pacific blue 034" while stocks last.

A versatile centre-pole sunshade, height- adjustable and tiltable, easy to use thanks to the Push-Up function.

Material: profiled pole and frame made of aluminium, powder coated platinum,
pole diameter 35 mm
Cover: 100% polyester 180g/m²
Frame: 6 part
Sunshade sizes: Ø 200 cm, Ø 250 cm, 210×150cm and 250×200cm
Height underneath: 205 cm
Total height: 180 - 230 cm

Delivery without base.

Base weight at least 40 kilograms/KG

Fabrics offer lightfastness of 5-6