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Pendolino – privacy and sun protection in one

With a diameter of three metres, this free-arm sunshade is one of the largest in the Sun- comfort collection – yet it takes up very little space. Even so, the Pendolino offers a huge amount of shade. It can be pivoted and tilted in all directions using the locking/turning lever. When tilted downwards it not only protects you from the low evening sun but also shields you from prying eyes.

Locking/Turning lever                        Crank

A high-quality free-arm sunshade that can be flexibly pivoted, slanted and tilted in all directions according to the position of the sun, so there is no need to move the outdoor furniture.

Material: Pole and support arm made of alu- minium, frame made of spring steel, powder coated platinum,
pole diameter 46 mm
Cover: 100% polyester 180g/m²
Frame: 10 parts
Sunshade sizes: Ø 300 cm
Accessories: Stand connector (without plates) for 8 plates (40 × 40 cm), protective cover
Height underneath: 195 cm
Total height: 255 cm

Sun protection factor SPF 50+

Crosswise pole base for 8 concrete slabs

Sunshade roof can be pivoted/tilted/swivelled

Fabrics offer lightfastness of 5-6