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Products from SUNCOMFORT® by GLATZ

Sunshades by SUNCOMFORT® by GLATZ – well worth the price

With the SUNCOMFORT® by GLATZ range of sunshades, GLATZ has achieved one thing above all: consistent value for money. Varioflex Solar, Varioflex, Sunflex, Pendolino, Rustico, Flex Roof, Style, Shell-Turn, Push-Up and Siesta – all feature the finest quality in terms of materials, workmanship and technology, offering the perfect shade solution for every location and budget. All of the free-arm or centre-pole models in this range are delightfully easy to use. Available in maximum 4 sizes and maximum 5 colours, they are also designed according to ergonomic principles. Thanks to the use of densely woven fabrics that filter out UV radiation, all of the SUNCOMFORT® by GLATZ sunshade covers guarantee sun protection of UPF 50+ in line with Australian Standards. Sunshades from SUNCOMFORT® by GLATZ: for budget-conscious consumers who insist on proven quality.